Keith - founder, designer, salesman, stresser, maker.  I started this company about 10 years ago now.  I've always had the "I bet I can make that" attitude.  While grinding out a full time career as an accountant, I always kept a small studio in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, where I spent my nights and weekends making things for myself and my friends.  Then friends of friends, and then their friends, and so on.  When I started getting cold calls for major commissions all from word of mouth, I realized I had quietly reached a crossroads.  So I quit my job, moved in and out of a series of progressively bigger shops, picked up a couple of amazing employees and tons of great clients and here I am today. 

Kenny-  Head shop guy, van packer, problem solver, wheelie king.  Kenny has been with me for a while now.  Took a leap of faith on his part to leave a secure job and come on board and learn the ropes, and he couldn't be a more valuable asset to the company now.  If there's an element to a piece going out the door that took any patience and an eye for detail, Kenny was most likely behind it. 

Van- Part time hours, full time awesome.  Van came to us short on experience, long on enthusiasm.  Knowing Van for ages, I knew that I could have a basket weaving company and he'd pick it up in a week.  He's good at everything he does, and woodworking is no exception.  He gets tossed non-stop random tasks, and handles everything.  Looking back, I can't imagine how we did it without him.  

Betty - Shop greeter, snack snatcher, sun hopper, napper.